Access to GP care that is on demand and free at the point of need


Our Mission

Have you ever waited to see a doctor, or struggled to find a convenient appointment?

The UK national survey statistics show that you’re not alone.


Imagine that you could pull out your mobile device or laptop and instantly speak to a UK GP without charge.


Any time you needed to.


This is our vision for universal access; to provide care that is free at the point of need, and more accessible and efficient for a modern age.


Trusted healthcare advice and treatment that is as accessible as information with Google, and as convenient as transportation with Uber.

Clinically Led Online Service

MyMed is the only online service that is clinician led and maintains the founding principles of the NHS through free access. Far from privatising our NHS, at MyMed we are looking to adapt the way it works in order to cope with higher demand than ever before.

In This Together

Our founding team have worked on the front line during recent hardships and have a passionate desire to change healthcare access for the better.


Sign up to see how our service works - free, forever - and help us to spread access to healthcare to change the supply and demand gap and allow people to live healthier, happier lives.