Talk to a doctor free of charge

Simply create a free account (takes less than a minute) and select a GP from those currently online. Whatsapp style chat makes consultation easy and unintimidating. MyMed keeps it free.


Local face-face GPs

We are led by clinicians; if our GPs feel you need to see a face-to-face doctor, they will advise so and show you your nearest NHS GP surgery or drop-in centre.


Electronic prescriptions

If a GP recommends a prescription, you pay only the cost of the medication (often less than an NHS prescription charge), plus the GP's fee for prescribing it to you.  


No Obligation

If a GP does not recommend any prescription, then the entire consultation is absolutely free of charge with no extra or hidden fees.  You don't even have to take the prescription if you get offered one.

It's as though you would have visited a GP from the comfort of your home through MyMed.


Home Delivery

Prefer to stay at home?  Your prescription medicine can be delivered quickly to your home or office for a very small fee.