We have built a free and convenient way of seeing a doctor. For people who want the access to healthcare without the hassle of waiting for it. We're integrating with the NHS to maintain it's founding principles, through safe, clinician led modernisation. In the meantime, we offer you free consultations, and paid private prescriptions if needed. For the prescription you pay slightly more than you would for a (non-exempt) NHS prescription, but enjoy 21st Century on demand convenience!
MyMed is in beta testing, as we implement high quality secure video functionality. We are working hard to bring a full MyMed service to launch in early 2017, bringing technology to healthcare as an enabler.
GP consultations are free. If your GP prescribes for you, you can choose whether to pay for your treatment and get it sent to you by home or office delivery. In this case, you pay the cost of the medication (for the most part relatively inexpensive, and often less than an NHS prescription charge) plus the GP fee. The average cost is around £19 including next day delivery. If your consultation did not require a prescription, or if you do not wish to fulfil it, then you pay nothing. Don't forget that normal NHS prescriptions, unless you have a specific exemption, cost £8.40 per item.
Please use contact form at the bottom of these FAQs, or email directly to info@mymedhealthcare.com, and we will send you an information pack outlining the rewards and services available for GPs working with MyMed.
At present, GPs on MyMed are from across the UK and your own GP is unlikely to be online particularly if they have a busy surgery going on. We can, however, communicate with your normal GP and keep them in the loop. We are also hard at work integrating MyMed into GP practice systems, such that it will be possible soon to find your local GP and speak to them directly. Watch this space.
Repeat prescriptions are at the discretion of the prescribing GP. Provisions are being put in place to be able to follow up patients after prescriptions, in the interest of best clinical practice.
Our GPs are paid by consultation, as a reflection of work they perform elsewhere. We have an audit process in place for ensuring excellence and safety in prescribing. Ultimately, our GPs have the responsibility for whom they prescribe, but ours is a clinician led (and founded) service which proceeds safely and only where clinically appropriate. We also have a masterplan to integrate further with the NHS, such that NHS electronic prescriptions will become available through our system. Watch this space.
Yes; when your prescription is sent and you open it, you will be given the option to add home delivery. We believe in transparency and so we show you the cost of delivery and the carrier being used.
MyMed GPs will refer you to a specialist, just as your normal GP would, and the referral will be treated in exactly the same way. Should a MyMed GP believe you need to see a GP face to face for further examination, they will show you your nearest GP drop in centre and practices to facilitate this for you. We believe this is of paramount importance in maintaining safe clinical standards.
With sufficient GPs available, you will never need to. Just like you don’t need to book a coffee ahead of time, or a taxi if there are enough going past. Our vision is a service where multiple GPs are available at any time; your care, on demand. However we recognise that a scheduling feature for finding GPs with a particular interest that relates to your background or circumstances would be useful; this is something that we are actively working on, and will be available in the not too distant future.


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